Noah Kin


“In fact, it’s hard to find any aspects about Noah Kin that might stand in the way of him finding success—he’s got a good look, a taste for experimental electronic beats that’s pretty much a must-have in rap right now, plus the kind of impossible-to-fake presence that makes it feel like he’s rapping directly at you, even over headphones.” – Entertainment Weekly

Noah Kin, born 1994, is a Finnish-Nigerian rapper and producer from Helsinki. Already an established artist in Finland, the single releases from his latest album “Now You See” have been attracting attention from outside his home country and despite his young age he has already performed in the UK, Germany, Norway, Austria, Switzerland, Estonia and in Eurosonic 2014 – where he got picked as one of the top 5 performers of Eurosonic by Switzerland’s radio SRF Virus.

Noah Kin got signed on the independent label Cocoa Music for his third solo album in 2014. He has since been featured on well known online medias such as Noisey/VICE, Ja Ja Ja, The Line Of Best Fit and District MTV as well as on TV and radio in Germany, France and Belgium. Noah has opened for Wiz Khalifa, Kendrick Lamar and Earl Sweatshirtand performed alongside the legendary Oakland rap group The Coup in Finland.

His latest album introduces an original and eccentric sound that has its roots deep in modern electronic beats. Noah Kin has broadened his interpretation even wider and the album features diverse styles and rapping and singing from the artist. The album moves from the beautifully moody soundscapes of tracks such as “Calm” and the very personal “My Road” to the aggressive styles of the video singles “822” and “RBLS”, a style Noah Kin particularly excels in is his sharp rapping style mixed with his modern tone of voice.