Cocoa Music is an independent record label representing the new breed of multi-media artists.

We produce and publish international music with the emphasis on visual content and cinematic appearances.

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y LCMDF: Future Me

With songs praised by Pitchfork, BBC Radio 1 and NME, LCMDF's Emma and Mia are known for their unconventional methods of delivering their message. The sisters have been seen performing all around the world, including the NME Awards tour and Paris Fashion Week. They are currently working on their new album.

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// Noah Kin


y Noah Kin: RBLS

After Flow Festival 2013 District MTV commented “Noah Kin is going to be the next big thing in hip-hop”. Noah Kin is a 19-year-old Finnish-Nigerian rapper and producer from Helsinki. Despite his young age Noah has already released two solo albums – “No Matter The Season” (2011) hailed as one of the best Finnish hip-hop albums of the year and the entirely self-produced “9fngrs” (2012).

Noah Kin released his third album titled "Now You See" in March 2014. He has opened for Wiz Khalifa, Kendrick Lamar and Earl Sweatshirt and performed alongside the legendary Oakland rap group The Coup.

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// Ronya


y Ronya: Flame

Originally signed to Warner Music Finland, aged 17, before jumping on Cocoa Music, alternative singer-songwriter Ronya is widely regarded as one of the leading female voices in Finland.

Having performed original songs along with jazz and R&B covers at local venues in her hometown of Helsinki since the age of 14, Ronya’s diverse influences are tangible in her music, which manifests itself in a mystical Scandinavian vibe.

An artist who writes all her own material, teaming up with various producers to hone her sound, Ronya is currently working on her new releases which can be labeled under the term alt-pop.


// Gracias


y Gracias: Levels (Stream Fast, Die Young)

The Congolese-Finnish rapper working from Helsinki - Gracias (formerly known as Luminate) released his unofficial debut mixtape ”Listenin Comprehension’” in 2007.

Gracias’ official debut EP, ”Gracias EP”, saw daylight in 2010, followed by his latest release “Gracias x JTT Globe” in 2012.

The artist has won titles like: Best new act, Most promising domestic act, Song of the year (Mon€y) and Best debut album.

Gracias is getting ready for his international breakthrough, while hitting the studio to work on his next release (due 2014).

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// Biniyam


y Biniyam: Royal Beggar

Biniyam is a 19-year-old German/Ethiopian rapper from Helsinki, Finland. The odd mix of heritage has an impact to his somewhat eccentric style in music and performance.

Biniyam released his debut project called Biniyam EP in January 2014 which is available as a free download through Cocoa Music. His latest track Royal Beggar is out now. Regardless of his young age Biniyam has already shared stages with the likes of Oddisee and Phonte.


// Femme En Fourrure


y Femme En Fourrure: The Beach

Femme En Fourrure (translates to “woman in fur”) make music for DJs
and catwalks; also: for nightly promenades and oceanside sexin’. FEF
mixes distant styles, by wondering into surreal areas, yet also acting
safe when needed, in order to maintain a healthy balance.

After releasing their dark debut album, covered in wispy neo-feminist
whispers, on Convex Industries in 2013 and playing handful of selected
festivals, including Boiler Room, the journey will continue stronger
than ever, while exploring new ways to express.

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// Redder


Redder is the Finnish duo of Vesa Hoikka and Frans Saraste, a two-man band that describe their sound as a combination of folk and trip-hop. As seemingly unexpected pairings often do, their sound works brilliantly, melding their diametric musical backgrounds. Their first release "Border/lines EP" has been featured by tastemakers such as The Line Of Best Fit, 405 and Nordic By Nature.